We've enjoyed helping many people over the years, here's what some of them say..
I've been to other gyms and never got much out of them. Since finding at One training I've made huge progress - physically and mentally. The training is professional, expert and personal. I'm motivated and I'm challenged.
Connie St Louis
I've been training with Eleanor since 2004. I'm fitter and healthier and more self-confident; doing things I never thought possible, like running! Her approach is holistic, she knows about rehab, she's patient and encouraging. Exercise is now fully part of my way of life. Can't imagine my week without it!
Dr Telesilla Guéret Wardle
I came to at One training when a Doctor advised me that the best thing I could do to help myself with my recently diagnosed COPD was to get plenty of exercise. That was December 2010 and since then Scott has ensured that I have had plenty of just that! Always working at the right pace Scott has helped me push back the boundaries of what I thought possible; improving not just how I feel but also my self image and self confidence. My breathing has improved, my blood pressure is lower and I have lost several kilo's of excess weight. It's been hard work and I know I could not have done it without Scott's expertise and encouragement.
Edwin Holder-Vale
At One Training is the perfect environment to get fit but also have fun. The small group classes are challenging and are designed to help each participant achieve their best, while working around any existing issues like back and knee problems (these things happen when you're in your 40s!). Without a shadow of a doubt I am the fittest I've been since I was a teenager and would highly recommend Elanor and Scott's unique and engaging approach to getting and staying fit.
Dr Peter Mills
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