Personal Training

Personal training is the perfect way to get the most out of exercise in a controlled and safe environment whilst providing you with the confidence and motivation to attain your goals.
We design your exercise programme around your individual needs taking into account any health history, injury-related problems as well as your goals.
Training sessions start once a thorough assessment has been carried out on your overall health and fitness status. We then aim to monitor and assess your health and fitness levels on a regular basis to ensure you are always progressing.
Here at at One training emphasis is always placed upon your technique and safety through fun and progressive exercise programmes that can be followed at a realistic pace.
Exercising with one of our highly experienced and qualified Personal trainers will help educate you on your lifestyle habits as well as how your body works in order to help you move more quickly towards your goals when you are not at the gym. No matter who you are, or what your fitness level is, everyone can benefit.