Personal Training

Initial Consultation

We start with an initial consultation prior to embarking on any form of physical exertion. All new users of the studio are required to have an initial consultation. The consultation process is a means of enabling both yourself and the trainer to get to know each other whilst also enabling the trainer to build up a picture of your health and exercise history.
You will be asked some questions about your current and past health along with your exercise history and any injuries past or present you may have.
Once the above has been established the trainer will then carry out some simple assessments to:
  • ensure you are in a position to start exercising
  • obtain some information on your current health and fitness levels that can then be monitored on a regular basis to help measure your progress and set realistic and achievable goals
Some of the assessments used within the consultation will include:
  • Measuring your weight
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Body fat percentage reading
  • Body Mass Index
If you are due to attend a consultation, please try and refrain from exercising, consuming any caffeine or having a big meal within at least 2 hours of the appointment to ensure accurate readings.
If your appointment is in the morning please refrain from consuming alcohol the night before.
These consultations are 1 hour and priced at 30.