Instructor Profiles

Eleanor Timms

Eleanor brings a focused and cutting edge approach to her fitness and personal training programmes. As a partner at at One training she is fully committed to providing a safe and effective fitness experience. She aims to use her knowledge to help and educate others, allowing her clients to achieve valuable improvements in their approach to health, fitness and overall wellbeing.
Eleanor graduated from Manchester University with a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science in 2000. She has additional qualifications in: Advanced Swiss Ball for Rehabilitation through the CHEK Institute, and Advanced Functional Training. She is also an accredited instructor in: Flexi-bar, Body Training Systems (BTS) Body Pump, Indoor Group Cycling, Boxercise, and has a further qualification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
By continually submerging herself in the latest research and publicised fitness guidelines, Eleanor stays at the forefront of industry coaching standards. She also attends the annual sports and fitness conference at Loughborough University
Elite standard runner, Eleanor has completed the New York, Chicago, Edinburgh, Venice and London marathons, the Great North Run and many half-marathons. Helping others attain their goals is one of her great pleasures.

Scott Timms

A partner at at One training, Scott offers his valuable services as both a trainer and massage therapist. Scott applies a fresh and simple approach to encouraging a healthy lifestyle and gains great satisfaction from recognizing client's individual fitness potential and by helping them progress.
Scott successfully completed a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy (Dip PT and SMT), through Premier Training, one of the leading accredited training providers within the health and fitness industry. He ensures he keeps up to date with the latest industry research through continued reading and attending industry conferences to ensure his clients benefit from the latest findings.
Placing emphasis on a well rounded approach to keeping fit and healthy, Scott focuses on integrating cardiovascular fitness with resistance exercises whilst also taking time to guide and advise clients on both their nutritional and lifestyle habits.
Having worked with many clients all with their own specific health and fitness needs, Scott has the knowledge and experience to help you whatever your level of fitness or health may be. Whether you are looking to lose weight and tone up, improve your fitness or have a certain medical condition that needs managing or improving then Scott can help.
Scott is also a keen runner having competed in many races from 10k's to half and full marathons, so if you need help with an upcoming race, have a niggling injury or want to get in to running then give Scott a call.
By providing a highly focused and well structured exercise session, Scott offers his clients a safe, progressive and effective training programme which meets their needs and builds on their individual capabilities.

Shannon Pearce

Shannon is a highly driven individual with immense passion for her career. With her understanding nature and natural enthusiasm, she believes that she can help you achieve your personal goals, however large or small. Helping you to realise your potential is one of Shannon's main goals.
Shannon has a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy (Dip PT and SMT), through Premier Training, one of the leading acredited training providers in the health and fitness industry. She has further enhanced her skills with additional certifications in: Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management, Advanced Functional Fraining, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, Powerplate, and Boxercise. She is also a certified Schwinn Cycling Coach and is skilled in Myo Facial Release Techniques, which aids flexibility.
In her spare time, she has pursued her love of a physical challenge by trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro and was also a base camp team member of the 2008 UK Everest expedition. She has a strong interest in distance running, having completed three full marathons and a number of half-marathons. Shannon recently completed her first Olympic-level triathlon and also finds time to coach a junior level running club.

Paul Carter

Paul has been working within the fitness industry for 9 years now and he is a level 3 advanced personal trainer and a level 2 triathlon coach. Paul specialises in sport specific coaching, primarily focusing on swimming, cycling, and running. However, he also works with rowers, kayakers, and has extensive experience in dance and martial arts and the training it involves.
Paul is an active triathlete and enjoys competing in events all across Europe and has accomplished a black belt in Taekwondo.
His approach to fitness is well rounded, as he believes multisport training is a fantastic way of reducing ones risk of injury; as the training is so varied it serves to balances the body incredibly well. It is also far less repetitive which lowers the tedium factor and makes being active more enjoyable. Paul also likes to put a big emphasis on flexibility work, as he thinks this makes a huge difference to injury prevention, performance, strength as well as comfort in everyday life.

Mariann Benko

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