Our Classes

We are pleased to offer small group classes to help facilitate your fitness gains and assist you in having a safe, fun and effective workout. Our aim is to give you the sense of being personally trained through your group session because of the level of focus and attention we give to each participant.
We aim to keep our class numbers to a maximum of between 8 and 10 people depending on the class. Keeping our classes small ensures each client gets more personalised attention from the instructor unlike that seen throughout large gym chains so exercises are being performed correctly and safely.
In order to help us provide the best fitness experience possible, we are excited to be able to offer the latest revolutionary equipment. In our group cycle sessions we have the latest state of the art Schwinn bikes from the new Authentic cycle range. These fully adjustable, comfortable bikes help provide a better indoor cycling experience. They have been developed by Schwinn to closely mimic that of an outdoor riding experience.

Indoor Group Cycling

Indoor group cycling is a fun yet challenging exercise class that will get your heart, lungs and muscles working together to burn calories and tone up.
Using state of the art Schwinn bikes from the new authentic cycle range, you will be taken on a journey by our highly enthusiastic and passionate instructors up and down hills from steady pace to full sprints all in time to carefully selected music.
This intensive and highly addictive exercise class is suited for all levels and is guaranteed to get you sweating, burning many calories and signing up for the next class when you finish!

Total Body Conditioning

This is a structured class that is designed to target all major muscle groups throughout the body in an easy to follow group setting. This class is varied every session to provoke more adaptation from the working muscles.
A fun endurance based workout is had by all helping to maintain and develop muscle tone and strength.


Pilates is a conditioning intervention that challenges the body and the mind. It combines challenging mat exercises with the use of specialist equipment and aims to activate the deep, stabilising muscles of the body that many of us have 'forgotten' how to use properly.
Pilates helps make us more aware of how we move in every day life. Through regular practice, Pilates will restore more efficient and natural movement and can have profound results in relieving muscular tension, correcting altered alignment, breaking bad movement habits and improving posture. This will in turn help your body become longer, leaner and more toned and achieve a better balance between strength and flexibility.
These sessions are great for those with movement difficulties but will be equally challenging to well trained athletes and are endorsed by many health professionals including GP's, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Private 1:1 Pilates sessions

We are also pleased to offer private 1-2-1 Pilates sessions at the studio with our fully qualified instructor Mariann
These sessions are a brilliant way to maximise each and every workout by introducing the basic principles and giving you better knowledge of how your body moves, outlining areas of tension, weakness and muscle shortening. The Instructor can then give you exercise modifications to suit your posture type to ensure you create a centre of strength, to stabilise and support the body from within.
If you are new to Pilates we recommend you undertake at least one 1-2-1 session before you attend the group classes. This will give the Instructor the opportunity to go through any injuries or conditions you may have as well as going through some of the basic moves.
Please contact us at the studio should you wish to find out more and organize a private session.