at One training is owned and run by fitness professionals Eleanor Timms and Scott Timms.
Both have worked within the health and fitness industry for over 15 years combined and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked with a diverse range of people with differing health and fitness needs.
Their experience in the industry along with their positive ethos and drive has helped create a state of the art space to undertake exercise.
The staff's passion at at One training produces an exciting vibe of real enthusiasm and care. This coupled with the wealth of experience our trainers share makes at One training unique and very special.
We cater to all regardless of exercise and health history by providing an un-intimidating focused environment to exercise in. We aim to provide a platform for all to succeed by enabling you to change your lifestyle habits regardless of whether they are big or small changes that need to be made.
We understand that along with expensive joining and membership fees, a large gymnasium can be an intimidating place to the inexperienced exerciser and this can get in the way of reaching their health and fitness goals.
We aim to remove such barriers by providing an exclusive, friendly environment for clients to exercise in where no joining or membership fees are required and where you can be confident that you are being instructed on how to perform exercises correctly.
We adopt a warm and friendly approach to all, regardless of exercise experience and level. We are well aware that everyone has to start somewhere.

Our Philosophy "Integrating science with experience"

Our philosophy is simple, we integrate science with experience. We find this to be a unique training approach whereby we individualise people's programmes based on their body's strengths and weaknesses and apply knowledge and experience to formulate the best approach for any individual.
We deliver a system where the theory and science behind anatomy and physiology is coupled with many years of exercise experience and coaching people to get the most out of their workouts and fulfill their health and fitness potential